Expressing the joy of the incarnation and bringing smiles and good cheer to our fellow South Floridians (Luke 2:8-20)
Why do you do this?

Because we love Christmas and what it represents. For us, it is about so much more than just spending time together, enjoying good food, fellowship, exchanging gifts, peace or even family and friends. It is first and foremost a celebration of God becoming a man. Emanuel!

The story of our Christmas yard display

We moved into our home in November of 2001. That year we put out a single strand of lights and one "nutcracker" inflatable (now retired). The following year, having been settled into the house a bit longer, we added a few more lights and inflatables, which were very popular and easy to find in the stores during those years.

As each year progressed we added a bit more. But it wasn't until by chance we came across an internet community called Planet Christmas ( that things really began to take off. We learned through fellow Christmas decorating enthusiasts at Plant Christmas that not only did many, many other people throughout the world share our passion for the meaning of Christmas, but they shared a desire to express that passion through decorating and that this "community" had a forum to share ideas and best practices.

We also learned that a new product was on the market called "control boxes", giving residential application to what before had only been available to large entertainment empires like Disney World.Through the use of these control boxes you were able to synchronize the lights to music of your choice. WE WERE HOOKED!!!

We bought our first control box from a company named Light-O-Rama ( That was 2006 and we had one box. Each year we have bought two (2) additional boxes, each of which can control sixteen (16) sperate strands of light(s) and various "effects" (dimming, shimmering, intensity, etc.). We now have twelve (13) control boxes and 208 different, individually controlled channels.

In 2007 we even attended an bi-annual convention sponsored by Planet Christmas called PLUS (PlanetChristmas Lights Up Symposium)! Incredible! People from as far away as England and Australia coming together for break-out sessions on various decorating ideas and tips (inflatables, lights, synchronization, blow molds, wire frames, indoor decorating, water name it.).

Since then we've also attended a couple mini-PLUS events, smaller versions of the bi-annual convention held locally in Florida.

Today we have grown to 85,000 synchronized lights, 25+ inflatables, giant ornaments trimmed in the trees, and countless visitors each year/day. We have neighborhood foot traffic, people visiting by car from distant cities, nursing home vans, motorcycle clubs, all enjoying our humble act of giving during a session known for giving all sorts of gifts, from gold, frankincense, myrrh and even the gift of song by a "little drummer boy".

We've been covered in the Miami Herald, South Florida Sun Sentinel, on television and even been asked by network TV to participate in a national television program.

We have the most understanding of neighbors and are just so grateful that so many people appreciate our Christmas yard display.

Thank you.

useful links...

St. Vincent de Paul and Dog Rescue
Many people who have displays similar to ours around the country collect donations for their favorite charity. A couple of our additional passions throughout the year is dog (dachshund) rescue as well as volunteering at our church for the local council of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (food pantry).

We have a donation box in our driveway if you are interested we'd gladly accept canned, non-perishable food items for distribution to the hungry in our area, as well as any pet supplies.

Take a moment to visit their web sites.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Florida Dachshund Rescue

Mi Burrito Sabanero
This is a precious Latin American Christmas carol almost always sung by a young child. It has a beautiful air of humility and of the innocent love of a child.

The song is originally Venezualan, written by composer Hugo Blanco. It became popular when it was recorded by a young boy - who some say was Hugo's son, Hugo Blanco Jr.
We primarily play the song during the intermission between light shows and while the inflatables are on.

With my savannah donkey, I'm going to Bethlehem.
With my savannah donkey, I'm going to Bethlehem.
If they see me, if they see me, I'm going to Bethlehem.
If they see me, if they see me, I'm going to Bethlehem.
Tuquí, tuquí, tuquí, tuquí,
Tuquí, tuquí, tuquí, tu,
Hurry up my donkey,
We are almost there.

Tuquí, tuquí, tuquí, tuquí,
Tuquí, tuquí, tuquí, tu,
Hurry up my donkey,
We are going to see Jesus.

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